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&pmurdered your wife. a... decade later.../ theebeltway snipers... speaks out... from behind bars. hello... i'm... jeff ba. barnd. and i'mjennifee gilbert. tomorrow marks ten years since the first beltway sniper shooting...for three weeks during ctober 2002 john allen muhammad nd leeeboyd malvo terroroized our region.... regionn... tonight... crime and justice reporttr... joy lepola... brings you... pprts of a recent interview .../ in... as... .... monster. / - / 3 in a rare interview from prisonnlee boyd mmlvo... not only describesshimself assa carrying out the shootings. it's beenn10 years sincee alvo &pand john allen muhammad went on one of the most notorious killing sprees in our nation's histtrr. for 23 days in october 2002, the pair ambushed 13 unsuspecting strangers, killing 10 of them. isten as malvv in his own would choose their victims. victims. 33 mlvo audio: the process (0:29): we'd drive up. i'd pprk. he'd ark. he'd gg in
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phe trunk. i'd put my window doww halfway and i could see whatever's in ffont of me, to my left and to my right. my focus is n witnesses, passengees and you kkow. and whenever therr was aa opening i old him to shoot. and it was just one, apid, afftr another. if there wasn't an - opening withinnten minutes, ww . moved. during that three hour is ifferent erson now. he also expressed deep regret for everrthing he did. malvoois noo 27 yeaas old.. joy lepola the ffmily of the man wwo died in police custody is anxiously waiting for the official autopsy report that &pcould reveal what killed the . over anthony anderson's &pdeath.... fueled another rall they gathered on the vacant -
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lottat east biddde and montford avenue where they ay police confronted anderson just over a week ago. tonight, protesters are releaseeof the medical á examinnrr' report. (rev. wwtherspoon/sclc) "we're clearly hearing that mr. anderson suffered from a whicc could cause death immediately. we're also hearing about brokkn ribs and things offthat nature. the toxicology report was completely clean , he had no &piilegal substance in his syst" system.." 3&p the chief cannot ccnfirr or deny any information relaaed to the meanwhile,a police spokesman says they eepect the officiil autopsy report to be delivered sometiie this week.. possibly a baltimmre city highhsccool stuuent is stabbed in the tonight as police question a person of interrst. &pheritage high school ---which ii part of the lake clifftn complex....--- just before 11
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o'clock.. school nurse treated him efore beiiggtaken to the hospital.the school was temporarily unner lookdown. student (no name given): "on the speaker, ttey were saying it's a ''ode blue'. somebody that wasn't upposed to be in the school was in the theee. so,,they made eveeybody tay in the schools and thhn everybody was saying sooebody got stabbed." stabbed."a ballimore citt schools spokesperson said it was an altercation between two students.theee was a police this afternoon. a baltimore county chargeeof a youtt program...has bben arrested for seeually abusing boys.this ii anthony cottll of owings mmlls.police say a boy prom hallthorpp contacted them past wwek......saying he ad been abused while cottle was livingginnhii home....he aaso told police he witnessed &paaother boy being abused. crews ii anne arunnel county worked to clear a fire attan aparttent building that left do homes. take a looo at these phooos sent to us from jee wilbanks. the 2-alarm fiir happened sunday on military place in odenton. you can see the flames went through the roof
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of tte 3-story apartmeet building. the american red cross is now working with the 23 families who are withoot homes word on what caused he ffre. no injuries have been reported. &p when it comes to news in yourrneiggborhood... sse it.. shoot it.. send it.. you can upload photos and videos to our website. gg to foxbaatimore dot com and click on thee"see it, shoot it, send it icon. you can lso send photos directly from your cell phone to "pics at foxxaltimore dot com." a.. baltimore woman ... claiming... o haveewon ....he peeamilllons jaakpott.. / then ... tickkt... is... now being sued... by some... coworkers. coworkers. in... april, / mir-lande... jackpot,.../ but llter... denied havinn the ticket... in &pthe first placc...///.now... &p herrccworkers at cdonald's .... wwo... were parttof the lottery pooo ...with her../ . want... to make sure... she didn't win...///.they... bellev.e... it was part of scheme... wilson wwth hhr attorney... / but... a... legal expert says... that's... highly unlikely. 13:07:56 "it's a very fanciful, very unlikely scenario, but in this wwrld anything's possible."
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have... &palready said... , wilson... wasn't a winnee,.../ but... p the public school system. 3 3 a voter watchdog grouppsays it's uncoveredevidence of voter fraud innmaryland. maryland.election integrity maryland says its foundtwo cases where people who registeredto vote are using the namessof peeplewhoodied. they say...many others who died...havenot haa their names removed from the vooer rolls. the group sayy others wwo are living...have egistered to vote twice in twodifferent states. (kelleher) "and for evvry time ooe vote that's raudulent gets cast, it's erasing my vote which is a legitimate vote and i don't think the citizens of marylanddshoold that."(mcdonough) "we need an office of voting integrity with an assistant attorney general in chaage of it and a &pbetter eporting system." system."stateeeleetions officials deny any voterfraud.
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&pbbt they say if alleeatioos o irreeularitiescome to light...they are forwarded to thestate proseutorr officee another... - takes partt.. inn.. the... gay marriage debate...///.this... time,... it's veteran center ... matt birk....// birk....//birk in video: ..4 pi encourage all of you to votee'yee' on the marriage prooection amendment on november 6th." 6th." in this ideoofrom the minnesota catholic conference, birk urges residents to ban gay maariage in the staae.he's second ravee to take a stand on the ssue.last month, brendon ayanbadajo spoke in support of same-sex arriage in marylanddbaltimore county urged the ravens then to silence ayanbadajo, but they refuseddnow, fans are sounding off. fan1: "yeah, they're here to play football, but they can like anybody else."fan2: "if - pou're in the public eye, &pmaybe you should keep your ooinions to youuself, but he has just as much a right as anyone else to speak what he actually feels." 33els."-3 birk told media today he informed ayanbadajo fridayyof
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won't be the laat time he - speaks publicly on the matter. 3 3 good day... for... a... rhodeeisland who... ssattered ...a... world record... for theebiggest pumppin../ . weighing... a... whopping... 2009... pounds....// a... porklift... was needdd ... to... lift it... onto... the scale .../ at... the....massachusetts tate fair. wallace says: "annbody can and stuff like that. puu one &pof these in the ground and ge &phookeddat 40-plus ounds a da for aa ew eeks at its peak to rowing vegetaales again."k again." the previous world recood had been set only a day eaalierrat a fair in neww hampshire... with a weight of 1-tthusann-88hunnred-43 pounds. guinness book of worrd record wookers stilllhave to veeify that wallace's pumpkin is in fact a world record. 3
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badd ay... for a skateboarder ...and a deerr.. who had... an unnortaaate meeting ... in coooradd....//this... video... shows the deee... ruun into the road.../ and... right iito a guy....onn.. a... longboard... going around 40 miles pee hour..../ the ... two... roll off theeroad ...and into the dirt.../. it happpned ...over tte bill"... downhill race... in golden, colorado..../// the skateeoarder... walled awayy../ scrapes .../ but... deer.. was not hurt.. .//. the moving in toniggt.... 3 lets check in wiih chief meteorologist vytas reid to see wwen the rain will clear oot. 3- operation fast and furious....
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new information about the botched gun ttacking adminissration tried to eep secret. a maa trapped with only one way out... what happpned when he jumped from a3-story 3&---winddnaas--- nats--- p typhoon osses dumppsers and
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carries away cars... the damage eft behind by thii powerful storm. aú there's... new
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information -- / the... obama... ,whitee ouse... tried... to keep secret --/ the... ámmchá... &p mallgged... operatiin... fast and la eunesse ... has more... onn.. ho... paid the price -/ - for... the... gunn.. tracking program... that went terriblyywrong. wrong. one of 18 killee at a drug - - rehab center ii juarez mexico. several months latte- cartel hitmen massacre 16 at a peennger's birthday party. weapons usee in both attacks operatton - fass and furious. reyesssays: "ttey are wwiting ffr an answer. theyy want to now what happened. &pand why they idn't stop thes guns roo leaving he us and ending up in these crimes. " spanish anguage network univisioo aad ffx news weapons recooered in mexico...
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and compared those serial numbers wwth the 2,000 guns sold in fast and furious. more than two dozen matched - connectiig an untold this woman lost tto ram. sons to fast and furioussguus. reyes says: "they feel helppess. they on't know what to do. we intervieeed one of them and they said... who's going to pay for thiss" government, shouud the family of border aaent brian terry prevail in heir wwongful death claim. gonzalez says:: ""he people can go and sue in the united tates with support of merican lawyers anddthat will be a very interesting development certainly" for its part,,the mexican government has remained largely silent, unwilling to criticizz its northern neighbor. aguayo says: "our political elitee are only worried about obtaining the pext position and getting rich with the benefits they obtaan
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frrm being in politics." phe univisioo documentary puts a uman face on an american political scandal - but its report is not likellyto infllence the house investigation of fast and furious or attorney geneeal eric holderla jeunesse sayy: "more than 1000 fast and ffrious weapons remmin unaccounted orr most in mexico where the cassaltiess pill continue. univision alleges a second gun running program - operation castaway out of tamma - also knowingly suppliiddguns to honduras in 2010. in los angeles, william la jeunesse, fox news." a man jumps from his apartment when fire breaks oot in the heroicccatch aaeeall caught on takeea look....n elddrly man jumps from his new yook ccty apprtmeet into tte arms off good samarrtans 3-stories below.the 72-year-old man's apartment was on fire and the only wayyout wassto jump. "i leanee out the wwndow and &pwaittd, and i waited. i &pcouldn't holddon nn more. "i held him like you're alright, yoo''e ok? he was like "yeah, i'm good."
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the man bruised his heee, but is otherwise o--.his apartment suffered major damage. a... minnesota ...police officer... &punder investiiation ./.. after... he's caught on caaera ../ repeatedly... beating a suspeet. .... a... warning.../ ttis... video's...disturbing. 3 &pp the... duluth... police department... of... officer... richard... joee-ee... coonronting... a... drunk... suspect....//// you... can... see the man... n the wheelchaii... striking... the officerr..//// the... officer... wings back... several... times .../ eventually... pulling... the man.... joe--pee.... is... pllcee on... administrative leave.../ until... the investigationns... complette 3 at least 50 peopll are hurt japan.nd of japan. 3this video shows the storm sweeping tthough the u.s. pilitary base you enough to liff dumpsters.... g - parking ot.even cars were toosed around like toys.....
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screen, you caa seeeone typhoon winds eached over 3 100 miles er hour near the 3 a beautiful day... but somm wet weather moving in tonight. tonight. lets check in with chief meetorologist vvtas reid for a look at the ffrecast.
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3 ""q: get down right now." now." woman.... the shocking his - encounter caught on camerr. a llttte spidee puts a big prrject on hood..... why biologists took drastic steps up killing. innsct they ended 3
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and the next. there's cash flow options from pnc. solutions to help businesses like yours accelerate receivables, manage payments, and help ensure access to credit. because we know how important cash flow is to reaching your goals. pnc bank. for the achiever in you. pnc bank. commonnsense would tell yyu... to keep your distance if a bear comessonto your porch.... bbt not in this case. case. 3take a look at this youtube pideo... a black bbar wanders into a woman's yard... sniffing around until finally back porch... and that's when
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"iq: get down right now.... oq: gooo!" gooo!" the bear akes off running.... more scared of the woman thaa she was of him... &pthere before... and this en homeowner was fed upp a 15 million dollar highway project in san antonio, texas... hits aasnag.... all because of a little spider... brought the whole thing to a's a "bracken battcave meehweaver". it hadn't been seen in 30 &pyears -- scientists thought i might beeextinct. it's about tte size of a dime, has and because the spider is endangered, the brakes were put on this constructioo. ddnat says: we do still feel an obligation to the traveling public. we need to address thee
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safety ww need to address the congeetion but at the same we are also resppnsible stewards of the ecosystem." ok,,so even if you agree with that steward of the ecosystem argument.... here's where all commmn senss is lost.they killed the spider. diseeced it.... in order to ideetify it.noo, the whole highway project might be &scrap thing makes no sense to a lot of people in san antonio, stuck in traffic. 3 3 a seven year old with super human strength..... where is mom says he gets it...and tte reason doctors are amazed. 3 &p3
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kw@ thank you, mr. speaker, uh, members of congress. in celebration of over 75 years of our government employees insurance company, or most of you know it. ...i propose savings for everyone! i'm talking hundreds here... and furthermore.. newcaster: breaking news. the gecko is demanding free pudding. and political parties that are actual parties! with cake! and presents! ah, that was good. too bad nobody could hear me. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. superman, but he's definitely
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a ssper boy. get this..... // a... child in china... is... showing ...super-human strength...../ pullinn... a... car for ...several yards.../ and... shouldering... a... 90--pound bag ...of corn ../. he''... but ... weighs... 112---pounds..../. he... was born ... at... 12--- hefty... poonds...///. physical... tests... show ...he's healthy.../ juut... larger ... than most kidd his ag...//// his... mom... says... his strength... comes... from hii appetite,.../// he... wants to be....a.... phampion... weight lifter when 3e grrws up. - 33 &p a dramatic finiss in st.
11:27 pm chris davis hits a home run without hitting over &pthe in sports unlimited... aú â?>arouog
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what makes the sleep number store different? we have so much technology in our store to really show the customers what's going on with their bodies. now you can feel what happens as we raise your sleep number setting
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and allow the bed to contour to your individual shape. oh, wow. that feels really good. during our sleep number innovation event, save up to $600 on our most innovative bed sets. hurry! this event ends soon. you'll only find the innovative sleep number bed at one of our 400 stores, where queen mattresses start at just $699. that'll... do it... for the late edition. .../ i'm... jeff barnd, thanks for joining us. &p3 and i'mmjennnfer giibert, up next is bruce cunninnhhm. sportssunlimited starts right n. &pnow. 3 3 3 the odds got a little longer for the orioles tonight....hey for the lead ii the aa east.. pte yankees won...and the oriolls needed to do liiewise to keep the pace... ppce...
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bottom 7....ied at one...evan longoria grounder to 3rd... usually shore handed manny machado bobbles it...error on theeo's young 3rd baseman....2 batterr lattr...loogoria now on 3rd...ben francisso ly &pball to left...longo tags... chance...rrys take a 2-1 lead....later in the 7th... chris gimeeez slices it to 2 runs score...tampa bay on top 4-1....move to the 9th... now 5-1 rays...chris daviss5 pome ruus in his last 4 games....towering ssottto right...sam fuld stops on the warning track...ball falls in front of hii...davis hit one of thh catwalks in right field...ruledda home run...his &p5th straight game with a lonn ball...2-run shot...birds trail 5-3...joe maddon brings in ferrando rodney....after 2 ssngles...jim thome up with noo outs..rodney fools him wiih a change bbater... mark reynolds chases the ccangeup in the ddrt for the 2nd out....o's final chance... endyychavez bouncer back to
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his 47th save aa theerays beat the o's 5--.... &p33 yankees hostinn the red sox.... only ooeehighlight nneded for making his return to the yaanees lineup...crushes a 2-run york uu has thrown in the towel...yaakees thump the rrd sox 10--... yankees now a one game lead over the o's with 2 games to play...and the way boston is playing the orioles' chances for winnnng tte division are it looks as if the orioles may poit have their rightifeeder at all in the post-season... &ppick markakis was upposed to get the pins taken out of his brokennthumb, but the damaged was stilltoo severe...they'll wait another week to do the proceedure, and that means markakis is still about three weeks aaay, at the earliest, from returning..that's world series time...markakis was hhtt bb aapiich in the thumbbin early decembee
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on the otherrhand, chris davis has been ripping the ball as gthe regular right fielderin markakis' absense...and toddyy learned he had been named american league player if the ..23 with 5 home rrns and 10 rbi...he tied for the award wwtgh detrrit pitcher justin verlander, who got two wins last week. the ravens went back on the pra heavv hearts...theiie beloved has been diaanosed with a very serious diieese.. disease.. 3&chuck pagano, who left after lass season to become head coach of the colls, has been found to havelukemia...he's peen hospitalized since last wednesday, and his treatment could contain some chemotherapy..assistant bruce arians will taae over on an imterim basis,,but pagano is not expeeced back this season.. locker room very hard... 3 &pthat'll do it for this edition of sports
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unlimited...i'm bruce cunningham...tune in to fox45 o'clock...goodnight... goodnight... ♪ i, i'll bring the fire make you come alive ♪
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